Who We Are

Yarna Knitwear is a newly transformed company based on over twenty five years of experience in the production of designer hand and machine-knitted products. We work with over a hundred individual professional knitters from Bulgaria and producers and importers of quality yarn from Europe and the World to create a diversified portfolio of products for our customers and to satisfy any designer’s need. Over the years, we have been producing for many major European fashion brands and have deepened our expertise in the complexity of the models and the organization and timing of the production process in order to fulfil our client’s expectations. We have acquired the experience in executing multiple large-volume projects simultaneously for short periods of time, so that our client will have his full collection right in time for the season.

What We Offer

For our clients we provide a full-spectrum services and expert production of hand-knit, crochet, hand and industrial machine-knit and all possible combinations inbetween. . We work with the client’s desired materials as well as provide options for materials to be ordered directly from us. We knit every item with care for the detail and perform a threefold quality control at every step. We make sure each item corresponds to the client’s marketing identity, completing it with the client’s label and corporate packaging.

We cover all ranges in Gauge with our industrial knitting services – up to 12 gg. We also offer hand-machines for support of extra-large hand projects where time and price is of a big importance.

We can produce high-level of complexity in patterns with two or one-hook knitting. Our specialties arecolourful intarsias, jaquard technique, crochet and round-knitting. 


Please contact us well in advance with an idea about particular model you would desire, quantities, a time frame and some samples and we will get back to you with a detailed offer and suggestions for further steps.

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